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Board Governance

Building stronger boards for organizational staff and service users' success

Not For Profit Boards are essential to Non-Profit organization's success – both for staff and service users. However, many organizations experience challenges and do not know how to recruit, engage, re-train and acknowledge the valuable contribution of board members. It is essential that non profit boards know how to govern themselves, understand and execute their roles appropriately.

We offer unique and tailored board development services in the following areas:

1. Governance Manual Development
2. Tailored Board Governance Training and Facilitation
3. Board/Executive Director Relations
4. Equity Strategy Development and Implementation
5. Strategic Racial Equity Board Recruitment, Engagement and Retention
6. Successful (anti-Black Racism) Committee Development
7. Establishing and/or revising board policies and procedures
8. Board Leadership, Management and Board-Assessment Tools

Other Services Available Upon Request


"Nada designed a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan to diversify and create more inclusionary practices within our organization. Since the Strategic Plan implementation, we have received lots of positive feedback from staff and service users. We are thankful for Nada for all her assistance."

CEO, non-profit organization

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