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Career & Academic
Launch Strategy

Our Career & Academic Launch Strategy services are meant for individuals that are clear about what career and education they want to pursue but need support in reaching their goals 

Some of the questions you may ask yourself
to see if Career & Academic Launch Strategy
is for you include:

  • Am I having difficulty getting hired for the jobs I want or qualify for?

  • Does the thought of interviewing make me anxious or make me feel stressed?

  • Do I need some help in writing efficient resumes and cover letters for jobs?

  • Do I need help in developing powerful networking skills?

  • Do I need help in navigating the post-secondary application process?

​​If you answered “yes” to one of the questions above, then we can help you 


We can provide you with best practices for employment and post-secondary applications

The Career & Academic Launch Strategy
services that we provide include: 

1. Resume and Cover Letter review

Effective resume and cover letter writing is for anyone. Whether you are in need of a complete resume and/or cover letter rewrite or review  we can help you. We can help you  develop the skills that you will need to authentically display your relevant career, educational background and soft skills as you network with potential employers.   

2. interview Preparation

Effective interviewing is important to getting the job that you want. Whether you are interviewing for your first job, changing roles or for a volunteer position, we can help you. We can help you  to develop the interviewing skills that you will need to present yourself professionally as you network with potential employers. 

3. Networking

Networking helps to increase your chances of getting the job that you want. We will
provide you with strategies and insights on how to build powerful networks and leverage

your connections to getting employed.

We will also provide you with best practices in your job search and post-secondary applications 

​We can help you with more Career & Academic Launch Strategy topics than what we have above

Please feel free to contact us and let us know what kind of Career &  Academic Launch Strategy support  you are looking for and we would be happy to help