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Career Strategy Coaching

Are you looking for strategies on how to plan your career, thinking about a career transition, or needing help with career related challenges at work? 


If you answered "yes" to any of the questions, then Nada can help you!


We will work one on one with you to support you so that you can get the assistance you need and feel confident about the choices you make. She is here to help you find fulfillment and happiness in your career and life.

Career Strategy Coaching 

Career Strategy is a process that supports you with career planning, career strategy development and decision making

Nada's career strategy development process is thorough and involves the following: 

  • An assessment of your skills, interests, personality, and values 

  • Obtain meaningful insights from you on what your career goals are and what career contentment means to you

  • Review your career possibilities and then strategically honing in your career options to the right career choice for you

  • Supporting you in feeling confident to take the next steps towards changing your career 

Some of the career strategy development concerns that you may have include:

  • You know that you need to make a career change but you do not know where and how to start

  • You may question your career choice and wonder if there is a better career option that works well for you

  • You are not sure of your career plan after college or university (18+)

  • You want to either enter or re-enter the workforce but you are not sure when and how to start

Nada can help you work through any career strategy development concerns that you may have. You are not alone in trying to figure it out. 

Balance Career Coaching

Balance Career coaching provides you with the support and guidance that you need in order to effectively manage any challenges that you encounter in your current workplace. 

Nada uses a strength and solution focused approach to help you develop effective strategies to address and conquer any issues that you are experiencing at work.


The goal is to help you feel more confident, well-balanced and happy at work.

Some of the career coaching concerns
that you may have include: 

  • Workplace conflict/communication break down

  • Effectively transition from a front line worker into a management role

  • Effectively transition into a new role

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Setting effective boundaries with your colleagues or employer

  • How to deal with a challenging employer

  • Workplace bullying/harassment

  • Effective work-life balance

  • How to successfully transition back to work from maternity leave

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