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Review of Corporate Policies and Practices to identify Anti-Racism and Recommend Improvements and Changes

We will review and investigates policies, practices, behaviors and incidents in your corporation that may have negatively impacted racialized staff.  


We will work with you to develop recommendations for improvements and changes to address and eliminate Anti-Racism or Anti-Black racism in your company.

Diversity and Inclusion Management

We will work with you to  create a diverse and inclusive team, where every staff member feel that they belong, included and can thrive in. 

Review of Organizational Operations and Procedures to Improve Efficiency, Enhance Operations, and Maximize Profits

We will provide our expertise and guidance in solving your corporation operations and procedures challenges so that your firm can run more smoothly. 

Creation of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manual

We will provide expertise and guidance on how to develop a customized  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Manual based on the different products and services that your company offers.  

Other Services Available upon Request

For Corporate Mental Health Consulting Please CLICK HERE


1. Discovery

We will discuss your project, your goals and your outcomes. Our Discovery conversation is also an opportunity to see how we can work together to achieve your goals and outcomes. 


2. Consultation

Based on the Discovery, we will develop an Action Plan to engage all relevant stakeholders to gather their unique insights on the services, policies and  procedures that are currently in place in your company.

3. Creation

We will incorporate stakeholders insights and suggestions along with best practices and industry research to produce the outcomes that has been agreed on. 

4. Delivery

We will assist you with the initial implementation of your updated services, policies and  procedures to ensure that the implementation is successful.


We will follow up within 3 months to ensure that everything is running smoothly.