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Individual Career Development Services

Reviews About Nada

"If you are looking for an effective, result-oriented and caring Career Strategist, you need to connect with Nada. Nada is an expert in supporting you in achieving your career goals. She  will diligently work with you to provide you with a step by step formula in accelerating your career. As Nada's former co-worker, I have seen how she has strategically assisted more than 100 clients from all walks of life in achieving their ideal employment positions and careers. She is caring, supportive and a great listener. I highly recommend Nada and her services at Johnson Career Strategy Consulting!"

G.W.,  YSM

"Nada brings an incredible level of expertise and knowledge to the career development field. She is relevant, well-versed, and culturally sensitive to the populations she supports. I have had the privilege of seeing this first hand while working alongside Nada at a career center. She is easy to confide in and goes above and beyond for each client's situation.  Most of all, I appreciate the mentorship and coaching I received from Nada as I could always count on her expertise to provide the best tips and strategies to support our diverse population. Thus, I would highly recommend Nada's services as she truly knows how to get the job done!"

S.C.C.,  YSM

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Nada offer Individual Career Development Services?

Nada offer's individual career development services online only. She only offers services via phone or video. 

Who does Nada work with?

Nada is licensed to work with anyone living in Ontario. She provides individual career development supports to young people 18+, front line workers transitioning into management, mid career professionals looking for a career change, and Internationally Educated Professionals seeking new career opportunities in Canada. 

How do I prepare for a virtual career development appointment?

I prepared these tips to help prepare you for your virtual appointment:

  • Minimize distraction: Use headphones because it will make the sound quality much better and clearer.

  • Space: Choose a space  where you feel comfortable and have the privacy to speak openly.

  • Make notes: It can be helpful to have a notebook or a laptop with you to write down important points and highlights during your appointment.

  • Charge electronics: Ensure your laptop is charged and put your phone away and on silent to eliminate distractions.

  • Ensure that your WIFI connection is reliable: Having a strong internet connection ensures that you get the most out of your appointment without distractions. 

Are virtual career development services secure and confidential?

Nada uses a telehealth platform ( designed for virtual health services.
Though no electronic platform can offer complete security, the JaneApp platform meets the highest standards of encryption and privacy and confidentiality. JaneApp servers are located in Canada

I am uncertain about virtual career development sessions. Can I try it?

Nada offers a 10 minutes consultation via phone or video. This gives you a chance to try out the JaneApp platform and see what you think of it. Around 98% of Nada's clients have said that virtual career development sessions are much better and more comfortable than they expected and have chosen to continue working together online.