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Nada Johnson is an engaging and influential International Speaker. 

With Nada’s vast expertise and experience she is qualified to speak on topics about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEI&B), Board Governance, Leadership, Effective Workplace Communication and Career Development to an audience of any kind and any size. 

Nada's presentations are always very interactive, engaging, insightful and fun. 

Nada always leaves the audience with relevant insights and awareness on how they can be active agents of change in creating organizational cultures where everyone feels safe and included. 

Nada presents both in-person and online. 

Contact Nada now to book a call. 

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"Nada accepted our invitation to speak on Equity in the workplace at one of our conferences. She was very organized, charismatic, engaging and insightful. She provided a thought provoking presentation on how to create spaces of equity where everyone has an oppertunity to thrive. There were more than 100 people present and Nada was able to strategically cater to the unique needs of the conference participants by providing a tangible framework on how to create greater equity in our work environment. 

Thank you Nada!  

Dean, one of the major post-secondary institutions Canada

"Listening to Nada speak about the value of developing and implementing strategic board governance inclusion and equity tools was like music to my ears. Our majority white board has been struggling for awhile on how to integrate equity and inclusion tools in our board's processes. Nada provided  valuable insights and awareness that has helped us to start the process."

Executive Director, non-profit organization

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