Meeting Room

Training and Development

Selected Workshop Training Topics

Workshop Training Topics Are Customized To Meet Your Needs

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Fostering a Culture of Acceptance

  • Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression: Making the Invisible Visible

  • Board of Directors Training: Strategic Inclusive Board Governance

  • Board of Directors Training: Anti-Black Racism, Anti-Racism & Anti-Oppression

  • Board of Directors Training: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Board Training 

  • Board of Directors: Anti-Oppressive Strategic Board Recruitment Training 

  •  Creating an organizational culture of continuous learning 

  • Building a Inclusive and Cohesive work Environment 

  • Trauma-Informed Care-Building a culture of belonging and support 

 Other Topics Available Upon Request

Directors and Managers Leadership Training

Selected Workshop Topics

Workshop Training Topics Are Customized To Meet Your Needs

  • Strategies on how to achieve departmental success

  • Effectively managing personality differences on your team 

  • Effective Communication: Using Anti-Oppressive language to create cohesive teams 

  • Assertive Communication 


  • Training your employee for a leadership role

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion- Building a culture of belonging

  • Best practices for engaging and retaining staff

  • Effectively leading team & departmental meetings

  • Stress management

  • Setting effective professional boundaries

 Other Topics Available Upon Request

Entrepreneurship Workshop

(Contact Nada for more information about this workshop)

The purpose of this 2 day workshop is to:

  • Help participants understand the process, challenges and rewards of starting and operating their own business

  • Equip participants with the gears needed to start their own business 

  • Improve and increase the changes of participants  successfully starting their own business 

Participants will learn how to:

  • Generate and assess successful and financially feasible  business ideas

  • Develop and implement creative problem-solving skills required in starting their own business 

  • Create a business model prototype and business plan

  • Analyze market opportunities for their business ideas 

  • Develop a business model and strategy for execution 

  • Form successful teams to help grow their business

Understanding the world of Entrepreneurship

1. Entrepreneurship

  • Introduction to scalable entrepreneurship businesses

  • Understanding risk and return of entrepreneurship businesses

  • Managing and excelling above fear and the importance of failure

2. Investment: Why and How

  • Why and how to raise money to start your business

3. Business model prototype and plan

  • Key consent to include in the prototype and plan for success

  • How to create a business prototype

  • Strategies for creating innovative ideas

Key ingredients for increase in business success

1. Entrepreneurship Value Proposition

  • Entrepreneurs value proposition

  • Sources and types of innovative ideas

  • Business value proposition

2. Market Opportunity

  • Choosing a market niche for business development

  • Analyzing different markets types

3. Competitive Analysis and Strategy

  • Differentiation and positioning

  • Business value proposition

  • Elements of a business  marketing strategy

  • Target customers

  • Creating and implementing a long term  competitive advantage

4. Financial Plan

  • Develop business financial models and cost structures

  • Forecast business  revenue, cash flow and expenses

  • Valuation for small businesses



Presentation and Communication

Good presentation and communication skills are important in business and in entrepreneurship. These skills can make the difference between entrepreneurs business succeeding or failing.  

Entrepreneurs are always in communication with both internal and external stakeholders. These stakeholders can include potential customers, partners and suppliers. 

Over the course of the 2 day workshop, participants will be provided with ample opportunities to communicate and challenge others business ideas, thoughts and perspectives about every aspect of business development and implementation. Further participants will learn what makes a successful presentation and communication. Participants will also have the opportunity to deliver multiple practice sessions related to any business aspects. 

The goal is that participants will learn to create and deliver effective and meaningful presentations, both written and verbal to customers, partners and other stakeholders.