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Do you know what it takes to become and succeed as a Manager?

Taking on a management position or the thought of becoming a Manager can be very exciting. The question is: Are you ready to become a manager? Many of us that become managers have been doing front line work for awhile if not decades and when we get our first major break, often we want to go ahead and test the waters.

Front line work can be defined as any position that is not management. Examples of front line workers are social workers, lawyers, nurses, doctors, employment counselors, graphic designers, physiotherapists, counselors and the like. There are no issues with testing the waters as I believe that you have to pursue every opportunity that comes to you that feels right for you to pursue at that time in your life.

I have successfully supported many front line workers in their journey to becoming Managers and one thing I can share with you is that wanting to or testing the waters does not mean that you are ready for a management role nor that you have done the necessary preparation required to become a Manager. Before you become a manager I would encourage you to carefully analyze whether or not you are ready for a management position.

Many of the skills that you have learned as a front line worker may not necessarily work in your new position. You may think to yourself: "Well I am good at what I do so it makes sense that I am being promoted to a management role. I worked hard to get this promotion". No doubt you worked hard as an individual contributor contributing to your department's goals and objectives within a team. However that is very different from managing and leading a team. There are often very different skills set required for a front line position and that of a Manager.

You may ask yourself: how do I know that I am ready for management? What are the soft skills and hard skills required to be one? How do I ensure that while in my role as Manager I continue to strive and contribute to my department's success? As a newly promoted manager, how do I keep my team motivated to achieve our department's goal?

If you have been thinking about becoming a Manager or been recently promoted to a management position I would encourage you to book a free consultation with me to inquire about how I can support you in this new phase of your career. I can assist you to gain more clarity surrounding what you need to become a Manager and if you are in a management position how to succeed in one.

Don't leave your management aspirations or success as a newly promoted Manager up to chance. Contact me now!

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